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Boat Trip: Shkodra City to Shala River

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Boat Trip From Shkodra City to Komani Lake and Shala River.

Join us to visit the pearl of the Albanian Alps, the Komani Lake and the Shala River. The blue color and cold water is characteristic of this river. The craggy rocks that surround it, seem to touch the sky with their hands. In the river of Shala there is a rare beauty, where it is difficult to speak only in words!

The journey from Shkodra to the Shala river is first carried out by car. The journey by car starts at 07:30 in the morning in the city of Shkodra, at the Rozafa Hotel. We leave for Lake Koman where we will take the boat. The journey from Shkodra to Lake Koman lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes, where along the way we make stops for rest or photos. We will arrive at Lake Koman at 09:20.

After arriving at Komani Lake, we rest a bit enjoying the amazing surroundings and get ready for boating on the lake.

We leave at 9:30 AM from Komani Lake to the Shala River. The boat ride takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

During the trip you will see wonderful views. Around 10:45 we arrive at the Shala River, the pearl of the Albanian Alps.

We will stay for about 5 hours, where we have the opportunity to enjoy a real miracle that only nature can offer. Those who wish can bathe/swim in the crystalline water of the Shala River. In Shala River you can also enjoy zip line and canoeing, as well as beaches.

After enjoying and experiencing the fabulous nature and water, around 15:00 we get ready to return.


– At Shala River, there are restaurants and guesthouses with traditional Albanian food, where you can eat. This is not included in the travel ticket.

– We inform you that, if the level of Komani Lake falls below the normal value (rare cases), we will walk for approximately 20 minutes.

We serve you with transport from the Hotel, Hostel, Camping or Holiday Home wherever you are in Shkoder. The price depends on the distance of your location.

We are happy to have you visit us, Welcome!

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  • Trip with from Shkodra City with bus to Komani Lake and Trip with Boat from Komani Lake and Shala River, Albania.

Departure from Shkodra City at 07:30 AM

Arrival to Komani Lake 09:20

Departure from Komani Lake 09:30

Arrival to Shala River 10:45 AM

15:00 Departure from Shala River

16:10 Return to Komani Lake

18:00 Return to Shkodra City

  • - Transportation from Shkodra City to Komani Lake
  • - Transportation from Komani Lake to Shala River
  • - Food's
  • - Drink's

Full day (9+ hours)


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